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Authenticsk, as we are known, is a firm that uses its professional expertise to deliver ‘win-win’ solutions to our clients by taking out the risks associated with complexities in supply chain networks. 

At Authenticsk we pride ourselves as an innovative company that derives effective sourcing solutions that are tailored to our client needs.  We work closely with each of our clients to promote their products as well as improve their supply systems.  We assess opportunities for our clients to break into new markets and help them to do so by creating a competitive edge.

We also bridge the gap between small businesses and large corporations such that small businesses have a place in the competitive global hemisphere whilst large corporations minimise their risks by taking out the complexities associated with a large number of small suppliers.

Our mission and philosophy

Our mission…

To become no.1 in the provision of  raw materials, by-products and complete specialist product solutions coordinating businesses in developing economies with businesses in developed countries through our expertise in end-to-end value chain management.

Our philosophy…

Our number one value is integrity and we apply and seek this in everything we do, for this reason:

  • We will approach all our projects with determination, open-mindedness and professionalism
  • We will only get involved in projects that we believe in
  • We will use our research expertise to verify information before committing further action
  • We will invest in and buy the know-how for our needs
  • The people we work with are key to our success and as such in our manner of doing business we
    will show:
    – Respect for individuals
    – Respect for talent
    – Respect for expertise
    – Respect for experience
    – Respect for the environment & the communities within which we work